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10ft 5wt 3pc Custom Rod

17 February 2017 - 06:06 PM



This one is currently on the bench and not fully done but will be done Sunday so offering it here for a very good price to you guys before it is done and goes to other outlets for sale. Will be done and ready to ship Monday morning.


It is a 10ft 5wt (ERN of 5.4) so nice smooth mod/fast action. This one would make a perfect larger river rod with the 10ft length for longer casts and more line off the water for mending across currents. Has a very nice hand turned wood seat insert seat in nickle silver hardware. Full custom hand turned grip RHW with exotic burl corks and small matching butt. Inserted stripper guide and SF lightweight running guides wrapped in black main wrap with metallic ice blue trim and spiral wraps.


Only $115 to you guys while it is here on FTF. I guarantee you will not find a better casting nor looking bigger river rod for this price anywhere. I actually was considering keeping this one for myself but if I kept every rod I wanted to keep I would be overrun with rods :( 



11ft 2/3wt nymphing rod

15 February 2017 - 12:29 PM

11fy 2/3wt 3pc perfect for Euro/czech nymphing. Full flex action blank

Reel seat - Batson black anodized window style seat with dble lock nuts

Grips- All exotic corks hand turned with matching red & black trim, smokey burl, natural, burnt, and dark mix corks used

Guides- Snake guides

Hook Keeper

Dual stripper guides

Wraps- Garnet

Trim- Metallic gold


This will be listed on ebay and other places later for probably $175 but will offer to anyone here for only $139.00



Latest 3D tank background

28 January 2017 - 04:59 PM

Just finished up this 3D background for my local Cichlid club I am a member of for our upcoming auction next weekend. We always raffle off a 75g setup at each of the club's auction and every year I make a 3d background to donate to the club to help raise some money.



Custom CTS fly rod

17 January 2017 - 12:35 PM

Great deal on a quality high end CTS blank built rod. This is a NOS (New Old Stock) CTS blank used in this build. (blanks alone cost $200 when I bought it some years ago to take to shows so customers could see the quality of CTS blanks). It's an 8'6" 4wt 2pc, braided style American Tackle reel seat with green & black carbon fiber insert. Custom RHW grip with all exotic corks, blank main wraps with metallic emerald green trim and spiral wraps plus two turn trim in center of main wraps. Light weight single foot guides, hook keeper. Action is mod/fast but more on the faster end of of the mod/fast scale. Great price on this one, I use to sell builds on this exact blank for $325/$350 but since this is a NOS and last of this blank I have I am offering this one up for only $150.00


If you are not familiar with CTS they are located in New Zealand and make some of the finest blanks on the planet http://ctsfishing.co...uct/affinity-x/ this blank is the Affinity Plus which is the predecessor to the Affinty X so you can see what that costs in the link for just the bare blank. So when I say this is a truly great deal you can see I am not just saying that.


I have this rod on other sites for $200 but I will sell it here to you guys for only $150 to anyone that would like it.













Books and other things

05 January 2017 - 06:04 PM

Doing some cleaning and have some stuff I will be listing over the next week.


Will post more soon...

Fly fishing sign- $20 ...24" x 24"- PENDING

BOOK- Sold

Normark Thrumming ice fishing rod - $5 SOLD

Random lot tying materials- $10  PENDING MIKE

Random hook -$5 (28pcs size 2 trebles, 50pc? size 12 trebles, 32pc lonng shake size 12, and 100pc egg/bait style hooks)

lead jig maker and bunch of jigs- $5- SOLD

Custom RHW fly rod grip - $20 SOLD

Fullwells custom grip $20