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Hardy Angel 2 TE #5 New to me

06 November 2019 - 12:33 PM

Hi all, this past Friday the local fly shop showed me a used Hardy Cascapedia MkII reel that came in.  A beautiful looking and sounding piece of tackle that I would love to own.  Being a Hardy reel the $400 price didn't surprise me but that's still more than I would pay for a reel to take on a river.   However that price also included a new condition Hardy Angel 2 TE 5 weight 4 piece.  I checked the rod out and it didn't have a mark on it, it looked like it had never been fished.  My wife had just asked me to keep an eye out for a 4 piece #5 to replace the 2 piece because the 4 1/2' rod case was always in the way on road trip vacations.  Not knowing a lot about Hardy rods/reels other than they are English and pricey, I left and did some internet research over the weekend.  


From what I can find on line the Angel 2 series came out around 2008 and at the time they were considered Hardy's top of the line rod. The 5 weight TE listed for $1099. The Cascapedia Mk II reel listed for $399. (If someone can provide more accurate information please do).


When it comes to my passion for fly fishing I don't mind spending money but I could never justify $1500 for a set up to catch trout.  However at $400 it was within reach and I could still pay the mortgage plus we don't have to burn the furniture to stay warm.  I went back first thing Monday and made the purchase.  I think it was a pretty good score-



Now do I need a tweed jacket and pressed shirt to go fishing?



LAW vise on ebay

17 September 2019 - 08:44 AM

I thought I'd pass it on.  With the kind of money Waldron's used vises are commanding I can't believe he doesn't still produce them.  I read that he never patented the design which is why there are several companies making copies.





HMH Spartans on Clearance

11 September 2019 - 02:07 PM

If anyone out there is in the market for a Spartan, Cabelas is clearing them out cheap.

Opinions about multi fly set ups

21 May 2019 - 08:56 AM

I would love to hear everyone's opinions and preferences on fishing multi fly set ups- what is your preferred method to rig multiple flies?  I have been going back and forth with various set ups for years.


My state allows two flies max.  Here are the two methods I currently use. 


1) Leave a 6" tag on the tippet to leader blood knot and tying the first fly onto the tag with the bottom fly 18" away on the end of the tippet.  The upper fly swims more naturally but because the tag is short I usually can't change the upper fly without cutting a new piece of 24" tippet, tying a new blood knot and leaving  a new 6" tag.


2) Running the lower tippet through the eye of the upper fly.  The upper fly doesn't swim as well because it's turned 90 degrees to the tippet but it's easier to change if necessary.


I know a lot of people like tying the tippet to the hook bend but I have always struggled with that technique.   I change flies fairly often so I'm hoping someone out there might have some advise.


In full disclosure I haven't tried tippet rings yet-


Thanks all,




Technique question- soft hackles and weighted line

24 April 2019 - 10:50 AM

When fishing moving water (rivers) does anyone add split shot when fishing soft hackles?  I fish them in the traditional way, swung or dead drift on unweighted line in shallow moving water.  They usually sit in or just below the surface film. I am wondering if they can be effective in the deeper pools with the addition of weight on the line?