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Number of flies

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33 replies to this topic

Poll: How many flies do you carry?

How many flies do you carry?

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#31 dbl_shot



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Posted 23 December 2004 - 04:11 PM

Interesting posts. I voted between 100 - 150 .. Most of that would be for Trout in the local waters I know and fish. Trips out of state I would be in the over 300 range.

Steelhead I usually carry less than 100.

Cheers, Hansen

#32 conehead


    Advanced Member

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Posted 07 January 2005 - 07:42 AM

I used to be a scout and I am always prepared for anything.

For Trout I use a cabelas chest pack and carry 6 boxes
C&F box for nymphs (holds 564 flies)
C&F box for terresterials and streamers (holds 564 flies)
C&F box for Dry Flies (holds 282 flies)
Okumo six compartment box for midges (I have about 120 midge patterns) I placed magnetic sheet inside of lid for midge emergers
Cheapo ripple foam box for buggers (about 60 conehead and beadhead buggers)
Plano small 16 compartment box for Clouser crayfish, bullet head hoppers, strike indicators, and assorted weight shot. (about 40 flies)

I probably carry between 800-1000 flies while trout fishing, and usually give away a dozen or two every trip (I love tying)

For Smallmouth, I carry two boxes.
Large Plano box sub surface patterns streamers, hellgramites, crayfish, and of course Conehead muddlers, buggers, streamers.
Plano box for topwater poppers, floating and crippled minnows, hoppers and hair bugs.

Sometimes I thought of opening my own fly shop on the water.

What can I say, just like everyone else, I'm addicted.

7,793,638 fly patterns out there; face it, I'm gonna be late for work.

#33 cornmuse


    Advanced Member

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Posted 20 January 2005 - 09:48 AM

Okay, this post really had my curious. My boat bag is loaded, but I needed to know how many flies are really in a box - and how many boxes I really carry on a give trip. Here is the count -

Trout Selection

Dry Fly Box - about 22 dozen flies. Approx. 18 diff (dry and emerger) patterns in assorted sizes. C&F Design Waterproof box.

Nymph Box - about 26 dozen flies. Approx. 20 diff patterns in assorted sizes. Box as above.

Small Streamer Box(es) - about 6 dozen flies - approx 20 different patterns in assorted sizes. Nubby Tac Orvis boxes.

Smallmouth Selection

Dry Fly Box - 8 dozen flies. 8 different patterns. Clear plastic logo'd box. I only carry this in May and June.

Nymph Box - 14 dozen flies. 18 or so patterns in assorted sizes. C&F Design waterproof box.

Clouser/Muddler Kit - 4 dozen flies. Two patterns in assorted sizes and a couple color variations. Fish Pond zippered fly wallet

Deciever/Blonde Kit - as above

Top Water Hair Bug Selection - as above. I carry this when I'm not carrying the dry fly box.

There you have it. Fishing local waters or places I know I carry three or four boxes and about 500 individual flies. Overkill??? You decide.... devil.gif

Joe C.

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,
and resign yourself to the influences of each."
- Henry David Thoreau

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Think globally - fish locally.

#34 MuskyOnTheFly


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Posted 20 January 2005 - 11:35 AM

I usually carry about 20 when I'm going for musky/pike. I carry lots of Bunny Streamers in different colors, some weighted, some unweighted, a few divers, poppers, a couple sliders, and some deceivers.
There's three things that we're never late for here in Montana: Church, work, and fishing.
--from A River Runs Through it