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Jimmy Two-Legs

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#1 sneektip



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Posted 19 August 2011 - 01:48 PM

With lots of frogs and fishing pressure on my home bass waters, I wanted a realistic immitation that I could present as quietly as the naturals. This fly will fish on the surface with short little pops, or dive under with long line strips.

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S sz. 1/0
Thread: Danville Flymaster plus
Weedguard: 30lb flourocarbon
Legs: 2 rabbit zonkers
Leg possitioner: 2-part, 5-minute epoxy
Under collar: rabbit zonker
Over collar: deer hair
Head: Rainy's Foam Diver

First things first...
Attached File  IMG_4654.jpg   2.2MB   29 downloads

Attach legs at a downward angle. Hides in, toward each other.
Attached File  IMG_4659.jpg   2.55MB   30 downloads

Tie in a crosscut zonker and wrap forward.
Attached File  IMG_4667.jpg   2.91MB   25 downloads

Add deer hair and spin tight.
Attached File  IMG_4670.jpg   3.28MB   20 downloads
Attached File  IMG_4671.jpg   3.32MB   22 downloads

Trim the hair fairly close, and flat on the bottom, just to add bulk to the body, but leave some longer tips on top of the fly.
Attached File  IMG_4678.jpg   2.88MB   22 downloads

Bring the weedguard forward and push it through the hook eye, then tie it off and clip excess.
Attached File  IMG_4689.jpg   2.59MB   27 downloads

Orient the fly upside-down, and spread eagle. Mix up a bit of 2-part epoxy and fill the space where the legs, hook, and weedguard meet. Let cure with the legs at a 90 degree angle from each other, 45 degrees off hook center.
Attached File  IMG_4696.jpg   2.78MB   21 downloads
Attached File  IMG_4703.jpg   1.97MB   23 downloads

Attached File  IMG_4723.jpg   2.53MB   33 downloads
Attached File  IMG_4713.jpg   3.31MB   37 downloads
Attached File  IMG_4716.jpg   3.49MB   46 downloads

#2 nyFLYguy05


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Posted 28 December 2011 - 09:48 PM

Very nice pattern and fly, thanks! love catching and watching largies behind a surface fly!