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tied by Hillbilly
Fly Type: Epoxy,
Material List:
Thread; Black
Beads; Black seed & Yellow Translucent
Antenna; Pheasant Tail Fibers
Legs; Silicone
Thorax; Black Dubbin0g
Wings; Black Dyed Ostrich
Tying Instructions: 1:Put seed bead on hook then add another followed by a yellow then another black.

2:Tye thread to hook, wrap back to the first seed bead towards the bead to hold it in place, whip finish and sut thread.

3: Start thread again behind the last bead and wrap toward eye to hold it in place, whip finish, cut thread.

4:Start thread, tye on antenna, slide 1st bead up and tye in behind it to hold in place.

5:Add epoxy and let dry.

6:Start thread in middletying in legs pieces as you wrap toward bend. Add dubbing and wrap toward eye as you wprk through the legs .

7: Tye on wings, whip finish.

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