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Elk & Moose Shuttlecock

tied by Firetiger
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Material List:
#12 dry fly hook
8/0 UNI thread Black
1 black Moose hair
1 white Elk hair
UNI Neon thread Burned Orange
3 CDC feathers
Australian Opossum dubbing, black
- optional: thin coat of cement on body
Tying Instructions:
tie in the hairs
form the body (make sure not to wrap the hairs too tight a the bend, or they will snap); rotary vice helps
tie in the CDC,
wrap the collar (3 turns of the orange thread is enough),
dub the thorax over the CDC feather butts & whip finish.

You can coat the hair body with a little of nail polish; it will add some weight and durability, but it is not essential.
Presentation Tips: cast ahead of stillwater trout when they are active at surface but finicky about their eating

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