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Red Hook Chironimid

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Daiichi 1273 red wire hook size 12-18
rib-small black wire
thread- 6/0 black
gills- white yarn or flared 3/0 thread

When varnished with proper cement, the wire rib along the red shank will not unravel or come undone.

Tying Instructions: First wrap black wire from rear of hook in wide wraps to
Trim off wire at rear of hook very close.
Tie on 6/0 black thread at front of hook trapping wire down at front.
Tie in gill material and form black head with gills
pointing forward and up. Tie off.
You will need a lot of cement for this last part.
Begin by giving the entire fly one coat of thin clear varnish and let dry as the base.
After it is dry, give the entire fly, ( minus the gills)
a coat of hard as nails cement.
As it dries, rotate the fly around to get it to dry evenly.
When dry, give it a second coat of hard as nails
and let dry, rotating it once in a while and taking the excess varnish off with a needle.

Presentation Tips: This I used for rainbows in some northern lakes in late summer and fall.
With the red wire, it has a real flash to it that can trigger
the trout very well some days.
I tend to fish this one deeper.

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