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pork chop

tied by tatt
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
hook size 4 4xl streamer
tail possum

wing (2) possum
body holographic red tinsel
head white deerhair spun and trimmed muddler style
Tying Instructions: tie in a small clump of possum for tail
2. tie in tinsel wrap forward to half the hook shank
3. tie in first wing of possum
4 tie in tinsel wrap forward to 2/3 mark tie in second wing
5.whip finish
6. change to gsp or 210 denier thread
7. spin a clump of deer hair creating a collar
8. continue to spin hair to hook eye
9. whip finish
10 trim to shape and hit water
Presentation Tips: fish like a muddler minnow

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