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brown drake spinner

tied by tatt
Fly Type: Dry,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
hook: eagle claw #6 aberdeen
thread: tan 6/0
Tail: Pheasant Tail Fibers (several)
Body: Deer Hair, tie hair parallel to hook, pull butt
ends of deer hair up 90 degrees to form post,
wind thread around the base of the post.
Hackle: Two brown hackles, tied in parallel to the
hook at the base of post.
Wings: brown Hen Neck, tied in spent.

Tying Instructions: tie in tail then tie in deer hair pulling up the butts and wrap thread around the butts tie in hackle then tie in wings wrap hackle counter clockwise tie off and whip finish trim the butts
Presentation Tips: dead drift just before dark and later

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