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Fuzzy Dragon #1

tied by finZilla
Fly Type: Deer Hair, Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US, Western Canada,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
Mustad 9672 #2
Olive 6/0 thread
Deer hair (colour to suit)
Olive seal fur
Pheasant tail
Melted mono eyes (coloured to suit)
Moose fur (optional)

Tying Instructions: 1. Debarb hook - the only way to fly fish.

2. Attach thread at eye of hook, and lay down a solid ribbed base of thread by going up and down hook three times stopping before the bend.

3. Spin your deer hair near the bend of the hook to the 2/3rd mark up the shank, and wrap the thread to the eye to keep it out of the way. With each clump of deer hair you wrap use a fair amount, cleaning out the underfur and packing tightly together with each consecutive clump.

If your clumps are too far apart you get gaps and that ain't pretty. Dragonflies may be ugly but they ain't that ugly.

4. Trim down the hair so that it is manageable, whip finish the thread and cut it off.

5. Take the hook out of the vice and trim your deer hair to a cigar shape with a flat underbody. Trim it nice and tight as we'll still need to wrap on our seal fur which will bulk up the body.

6. Put the hook back in the vice and re-apply your thread near the bend.

7. Dub on a thin small section of seal fur and wrap through the deer hair - with each section wrap 2 or 3 times in the same spot to add segmentation. Keep the "ribs" fairly close together to get a nice bush fly. Repeat this step until you've reached the end of the deer hair.

8. For the legs, tie in about 6 pheasant tail strands on each side laterally at a 15 deg angle. Bend the legs for a more realistic presentation.

9. Bring the thread forward and tie on the eyes at the half way point of the remaining hook space.

10. Wrap the thread back tight with the deer hair and dub on a nice head / thorax of seal fur about the same diameter as the body. Wrap around the eyes figure eight style so as to build a nice realistic head..

11. Optional: Near the eye, tie in about 15 strands of moose, on a 45 deg angle, extending past the eye of the hook to act as a weed guard.

12. Build up a clean head, whip finish and apply head cement if you're so inclined.
Presentation Tips: Toss near a weedy area on a floating line with a 10' - 15' leader. Let the pattern sink and then use 12" - 18" strip retrieves to move the predator along, resting for 3 second intervals.

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