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Notta Bugger

tied by luvinbluegills
Fly Type: Streamers,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook: #10 Mustad Streamer hook
Everything else: Marabou feather
Tying Instructions: 1. Put hook in vice.
2. Tie in tip of a whole Marabou feather just like you would for tying a Wooly Bugger tail, making it about the same length as the hook. (More or less)
3. Wrap the whole feather up the hook to form the body, tie it off and whip finish.
Presentation Tips: Dead still. I mean DEAD STILL. This has outproduced all other presentation styles. Other presentations do work, but dead still or an extremely slow crawl along the bottom have produced way more fish for me in the 5 trips so far that I've tested this fly on.

Don't be afraid to add flash or weight to this fly. This is a very basic design that can be altered to "match the hatch" so to speak, and has been the most productive fly I've ever tied. Development continues...

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