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Green Highlander

tied by Sgart
Fly Type: Salmon Flies,
Target Species: Atlantic Salmon,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Hook: Alec Jacksson
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval silvertinsel and yellow floss
Tail: Crest and lemonduck
Butt: Black ostrich
Body: 1/3 yellowfloss 2/3 higlander green seal.
Ribbing: Oval silvertinsel
Bodyhackle: Higlandergreen cockhackle.
Fronthackle: Fluoyellow cockhackle.
Wing: Back to back-tippets. Yellow, green and red goose. Teal and lemonduck.
Roof: Bronze mallard
Topping: Crest
Cheeks: JC and crowsub.
Tying Instructions: I used the instructions in Paul Sörensens - Tying salmonflies
Presentation Tips: A greenhiglander I tied to practice.

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