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Pike's Poison

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Pike,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
3/0 wide gap streamer hook
Black big fly thread
White marabou
Silver holographic flashabou
Large silver polar chenille
Tying Instructions: Tie on a tail of silver holographic flashabou.
Then tie on an amount of silver polar chenille.
Thread the hook shank to the eye and cement the hook shank with a good thick cement.
Carefully and quickly wrap the polar chenille to the
thick cement around the shank and almost up to the eye.

( This allows you to use no wire ribbing for a pike fly body. The chenille base will be cemented all around
the shank.)

Get two very long white marabou feathers and put them together. Tie them on at the head of the fly
and finish the head with the thread. That's it.
Presentation Tips: Make this fly dance and flash with a strong stop and go retrieve over and through weed beds.
Hold on to your rod for dear life.

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