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Opal Iris Caddis

tied by ewrobo
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Hook: Tiemco 100 - Size #16
Thread: UTC 70D Burnt Orange
Shuck: Amber Zelon
Body: UTC Mirage Opal Tinsel (medium)
Wing: White Zelon or White EP Fibers
Head: Amber Zelon Dubbing

Tying Instructions: 1. Tie in the amber zelon shuck about 1/3 hook shank length behind the hook eye. Wrap thread back to the bend of the hook binding down the zelon shuck, and back up to the tie in point. Trim shuck to about 1/3 hook shank length.

2. Tie in a length of opal tinsel at the tie in point and half hitch. Wrap opal tinsel back to hook bend and then back up to the tie in point. Bind down well, trim tinsel and half hitch. Using a rotary vise makes this step very fast and efficient. Just make sure you take care when getting close to the hook point – it will cut the tinsel and force you to start over if you are not careful!

3. Take a short piece of white zelon or EP fibers and fold to make a loop. Tie in the wing on the top of the hook so the loop extends to the end of the hook shank. Bind the wing down with several tight wraps and half hitch. Trim the butt fibers close and at a 45 degree angle from the hook eye.

4. Dub some amber zelon dubbing on your thread and dub a shaggy head covering the wing tie in. Leave enough room for a small thread head, and whip finish. The dubbed head should be kinda fat from the bulk of the wing tie in, and that is how you want it to look.

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Opal Iris Caddis

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