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Sea Sick Roach

tied by deeky
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 3262, size 6
Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0, tobacco brown
Body: Mylar, copper
Underwing: Red squirrel tail
Wing: Mallard flank, dyed green
Throat: Ringneck Pheasant breast feather
Tying Instructions: The hardest part of the pattern is finding a symetrical flank feather. Start there as you may have a good chunk of the back spread out on your desk. Lay a base and wrap the body. Tie in the underwing (I intentionally didn't stack the hair to leave it a better natural taper). I then tie in the throat. Use the fibers near the tip of the feather with the black tips. Tie them in two bunches, one being shorter than the other. Then tie in the mallard wing. Whip, snip, and fish.

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