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tied by kirkdiet
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 3906b or equiv. size 10
Thread: 3/0 black
Eyes: Standard brass bead chain or lead eyes if needing to fish deeper.
Wing: Grey Squirrel tail, younger squirrel with distinct barring is preferred.
Tying Instructions: Here is a link to my first and only Youtube video - kind of embarrassing but hope it clarifies the text below

Tie in bead chain eyes on top of hook using method you are most comfortable with being sure to leave enough room to tie in the wing.
Select a small bunch of of squirrel tail hair (amount can vary, less for a quicker sink, more for a slower descent) and even the tips.
Cut the butt ends flush and tie in on the under side of the hook between the bead chain and the hook eye. Wrap the thread around the bunch before tieing down to the hook to help keep the hair from spreading around the hook. After making several wraps of thread to secure the wing, hold the bobbin out horizontal to the floor with some tension on the thread and place a thin bead of CA on about an inch of the thread closest to the hook. Finish tying down the wing butts with the CA soaked thread - don't put to much CA or it will wick up into the wing.
Tie off the thread to finish.
Next, trim off the the tail square in the rear just past the hook bend essentially removing the white tips.
Presentation Tips: Fish as you would any nymph although short strip and pauses seem to work best to portray a critter. I think this guy is representative of small crayfish, dragonfly nymphs and minnows; who knows but it works on panfish from bluegill to bass to catfish and carp.

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