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Cat's Eye

tied by deeky
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Material List:
Hook: Mustad 3906, size 8
Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0, flourescent green
Tail: GP Tippets
Underbody: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon, flourescent pink
Body: Sparkle Braid, olive/pearl
Throat/Wing: Guinea fowl
Tying Instructions: Using fl. pink thread, lay a base and tie in tail. Whip and snip thread. Slide length of sparkle braid over hook shank and around bend. Restart pink thread and tie down what is actually the front of the sparkle braid just ahead of the bend. Whip and snip thread. Pull sparkle braid over itself and turn inside out over the shank. Start fl. green thread at head and tie down sparkle braid, leaving it somewhat loose over body. Tie in throat and wing. Whip, snip, and fish.

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