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Dorey Nutter

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Dry,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Material List:
Size - 12 Dry hook
Natural Red Squirrel Tail
UNI 6/0 Tan Thread
Chocolate Dun Neck Hackle
Tying Instructions: Place squirrel on top of hook shaft, tips facing rear.

Tiedown after trying to get close to 1 hook gap length for tail and snip off excess tail length 2/3 up shaft length.

Tie down tail neatly as you move up to the 2/3 mark on your hook shaft.

Place squirrel tail on shaft with tips facing rear and secure to hook.
Snip off excess leaving enough room for hackle and head.
Tie down securely and wrap thread behind squirrel to help hold the hair straight up.
Bending it upwards will not be enough.

Tie in the neck hackle and wrap in front and behind the squirrel tail a few times.
Do not over crowd the head space.

Securely tie down hackle and snip off excess.
Neatly wrap thread to form head, snip thread after whip finish and then add cement to head.

Gently pull hackle hair on the underside of the hook, to the side. This should create the appearance of a flat underside.
If you snip off the hair on the underside you take away more of the hair that keeps a fly afloat. The hair helps stabilize the fly upon the water's surface.
Presentation Tips: Lay gently upon water's surface.

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