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Cinabar Flymph

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Material List:
Cinabar Flymph

Hook: Daiichi #1550
Thread: Orange Uni-thread
Hackle: Golden Speckled Hen Back-one side stripped off of fibers.
First Ribbing:One strand of Peacock herl
Second Ribbing: Fine copper wire counter-wrapped.
Body:Cinnamon colored bear underfur mixed with a little Hare's Mask of the same color. The body was dubbed on 6/0 Danville Tying thread of Pale orange color Leisenring fashion. When dubbing, the fibers of fur were laid perpendicular to the tying thread.

Tying Instructions: Cast thread on; Tie hackle on so that it can be wrapped=depending upon which side you've stripped off. Trim off excess stem and wrap the thread down the shank in touching turns. Tie on the ribbing wire followed by the peacock herl. Tie on the dubbing brush that was created Leisenring fashion then bring the thread back down the shank in touching turns to where the body stops behind the hackle. Wrap the dubbing brush, tie off and trim, then brush with a stiff toothbrush. Rib with the Peacock herl, tie off and trim then counter-rib with the gold wire, tie off and trim. Wrap the hackle-two turns, tie off and trim. While sweeping back the hackles with the non tying hand's thumb and forefinger, slightly over-wrap the hackles to hold in a slightly swept back position. Finish head, add a touch of cement
Presentation Tips: Fish using the Leisenring Lift, Induced take, on the swing.

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