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Brown Soft Hackle Streamer

tied by cussfly16
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Material List:
Hook: 3x long Gamakatsu
Weight: .020
Thread: Dark Brown UTC 70 denier
Tail: Golden Brown Marabou
Body: 5 strands of Dark Brown Ostrich Herl
Hackle: Golden Brown Marabou and Brown Speckled Hen

Tying Instructions: Start by weighting the hook with 15 wraps directly in the center of the hook, equal spacing left on both sides. Tie in tailand pull remainder over lead and wrap down and trim. Do the same for front hackle. You are trying to build a football shape in the middle. Attach Herl and spin into a rope and wrap body. Push Marabou back to form front hackle and make a few wraps to hold in place. Then attach Hen and wrap as normal....... Whip it and clip it!
Presentation Tips: works great on pressured fish that have seen it all.....

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