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Balsa Wood Poppers

tied by tpolinger
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Material List:
Carved/Sanded Balsa Wood Body
Mustad 3366 Bass Bug Hook (Size 1 and 1/0)
Rainey's Popper Paint
Four Splayed tail hackles on each side of tail
3-4 large hackles wrapped behind the body
Tying Instructions: Carve/Sand balsa wood body to size
Saw slit under fly to mount on hook.
Optional: carve or dremel a cupped face on body
Tie/epoxy small piece of mono on top of hook, or use kinked popper hook, to prevent body from rotating on hook shank.
Glue body to hook; use care to ensure its straight. When glue is dry, patch hook slit with wood putty and sand to give smooth, solid bottom of fly.
Drill 1/16" hole in body for legs.
Paint body to desired look.
Tie weed gaurd right behind body; tie splayed hackles, krystal flash, and marabou tail. Apply glue to strengthen.
Wrap 3-4 hackles for tail.
Tie off weed guard at eye of hook.
Pull rubber legs through 1/16" hole; apply glue and pull glued part into popper body; cut to length.
Glue plastic eyes onto body (or paint eyes when painting body).

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