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Hare's Ear Variant

tied by AlexC
Fly Type: Inverted Hook, Nymphs, Weighted,
Recommended Region: not available Northeast US,
Imitation: Mayflies,
Material List:
Hook: #6 Mustad 3399
Thread: 6/0 Brown
Eyes: Small gold dumbell eyes
Weight: .025 lead wire
Tail: Hare's Mask from upper forehead
Rib: Medium Gold Wire
Abdomen/Thorax: Hares Mask from in between eyes
Wingcase: Turkey Tail
Legs: Fine Brown Rubber

Tying Instructions: 1.) Tie in eyes on top of shank
2.) Wrap lead wire from halfway point on the hook shank to the dumbell eyes
3.) Tie in tail
4.) Tie in rib
5.) Dub Abdomen
6.) Tie in Wingcase- on the underside of the hook shank, not the top as I did :)
7.) Dub rear half of the thorax
8.) Tie in rubber legs
9.) Dub a wrap or two in between rubber legs, and then dub forward to the dumbell eyes
10.) Wrap your rib forward to the dumbell eyes
10.) Pull wingcase forward, tie off and then dub over wraps
11.) Dub a figure-8 wrap or two around the dumbell eyes
12.) Form thread head in front of dumbell eyes and whip finish

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