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tied by deeky
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Hook: Gamakatsu 10012, 2/0
Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus, 140 dr. red
Weight: Medium dumbell eyes, yellow
Wing: Magnum Zonker Strip, barred yellow
Body: Zonker Strips, red & yellow
Misc. Materials: Glass rattle, silicone electrical tape
Tying Instructions: Lay a thread base and tie in eyes. Move thread to bend. Attach rattle to top of shank with very tight wraps of the electrical tape. Tie in tail, then body strips. Advance thread to front and palmer body strips side by side up the shank and tie off. Part body hair, pull barred zonker forward, and tie off.

Note: The silicone tape is also sold as 'rescue tape'. It only sticks to itself, but as soon as it touches itself, it WILL NOT come apart, and is waterproof. Get it started and stretch it good and tight as you wrap it.

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