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Carpy Charlie

tied by bullship
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Material List:
#8-10 bonefish hook or similar. I like a heavy wire hook with a short, straight shank.
Orange antron(or olive)
Orange thread(or olive)
Crystal Flash
small dumbell eyes
vinyl rib
matching dubbing blend
Tying Instructions: tie in dumbell eyes
tie in 6" antron strand and wrap to the bend of the hook
tie in crystal flash and vinyl rib
wrap antron up the hook to the eyes
wrap crystal flash in open even wraps
wrap vinyl rib in touching turns, covering the antron
dub thorax to cover thread wraps and create movement
twist remaining antron under the body, tie off, and whip finish.
trim antron to length

dubbed version:
same as above, but no crystal flash, use dubbing blend for the body, and vinyl as an evenly spaced rib....optional-add olive partridge legs
Presentation Tips: locate feeding carp, cast within a foot, watch them eat...... Although this is a very simple fly, they tend to hunt it down and eat it more aggressively than other flies I've used, so a somewhat sloppy cast is occasionally forgiven...occasionally.

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