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Red Headed Black Stonefly

tied by wesallen81
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern, Nymphs, Weighted, Wet,
Target Species: Steelhead, Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
4.5 - 3.5 tungsten bead head; Tiemco 200R Size 8-12; black goose biot, black turkey quill, black uv ice dubbing, red antron dubbing, copper wire (small or medium gauge, 8/0 fire orange uni-thread. Flexament.
Tying Instructions: Prep: Coat a strip of turkey quill with the flexament and let dry. Place bead head on hook and make a few thread wraps to secure bead head to front of hook. If you'd prefer to put antennas on the fly tie two goose biots onto the front of the hook - secure with a few wraps and whip finish - then place the bead head on the hook and secure with a few wraps. Wind the thread to the bend of the hook and secure two goose biots for the split tail. I like these to be about half the length of the hook. Tie in copper wire and then tie in the turkey quill at the tip end. Add dubbing to your thread and taper the dubbing half way to 3/4 up the hook shank. I like to use a little bit of dubbing and then make it thicker to get a nice tapper (uv black ice dubbing). Pull the turkey quill toward the hook eye and secure with a few thread wraps. Snip the remaining turkey quill. Wrap the wire toward the hook eye to make the segmented body and secure with a few thread wraps. Tie in two (one on each side of the fly) biots for legs. Then add dubbing. Make 3-4 thread wraps toward the hook eye and tie in turkey quill for the wing case. Snip the remaining turkey quill, tie in two more biots for legs, add more dubbing and tie in another wing case with the turkey quill. Repeat this step a third time. Sometimes I add the third pair of legs, but seldom do on the smaller flies (10-12). I do, however, like that third wing case. After the turkey quill is secure add red antron dubbing to the head, behind the bead, whip finish and cement.
Presentation Tips: This fly is killer on the Salmon River and other streams that have a good population of stoneflies. Fish it in deep pools with medium to fast currents - slow, lazy river drifts are not good for stoneflies since they usually live in aggressive, well oxygenated water.

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