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Sucker Spawn

tied by wesallen81
Fly Type: Egg/Sac,
Target Species: Steelhead, Trout,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Material List:
Bug Shop Micro Yarn in a variety of colors. 8/0 thread in a matching color or attractive color (pink, chart, orange). Scud Hook (size shown is 6). Pictured is Creme Delight and Apricot Supreme Yarn together...
Tying Instructions: Secure thread onto the hook about 1/8 of the way from the hook eye and wind down to where the shank meets the hook bend. Cut a piece of glo bug yarn (about 8 inches) and fold in half. Tie down a tiny loop in the rear with about 3 wraps. Pull the tag end back and move the thread 3-4 wraps forward ... make another loop and continue. Your loops can get slightly bigger and then taper down toward the eye of the hook. I'm not convinced that trout are over concerned about this - they haven't told me their preference - yet.
Presentation Tips: Under an indicator.

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