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Lime Wire Caddis larva

tied by flygirl
Target Species: Trout,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:
Hook - Daiichi 1770 # 16
Thread - Chartruese 8/0
Rib - Med. Chartruese ( Lime ) Wire
Body - 6/8 strands of Chartruese 8/0 Thread
Head - 3/4 Peacock Herls
Tying Instructions: Tie in Thread & Rib 1/4 from hook eye.
Keeping Wire for Rib on top of hook shank ,wrap tying thead over wire down to bend in hook.
Cut 6/8 strands of Chartruese 8/0 Thread for body and tie in @ bend of hook.
Bring tying thread forward to original tie in point.
Wrap the 6/8 strands of Chartruese thread forward creating the body & tie off.
Wrap the ribbing up the hook shank to tie in point (1/4 form eye of hook )
Tie in 3/4 Peacock Herls , wrap forward creating a head .
Tie off & go catch fish .

Presentation Tips: Dead drift with /without split shot

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