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Copper Swan

tied by Old Hat
Fly Type: Weighted,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Northwest US,
Material List:
Hook: heavy caddis or scud hook #6-#14
Thread: red thread sized to match fly size
Body: copper wire slightly oversized
Thorax: peacock with tinsel (color of your choice, I like a pearl or glo-in-the dark tinsel) over the top.
Hackle: cdc
Wing: white goose biots
Head: gold bead
Tying Instructions: Slip on the bead. Form a foundation of thread along the hook shank, back then forward ending behind the bead. Cut a strand of copper wire. Slip one end under the bead on the backside of the hook and tie down along the hook to a point just starting to enter into the bend. Bring the thread back up behind the bead. Wrap the wire in tight even turns forward all the way to the bead. Clip off and tie in the end of the wire. Build a small base of thread over the wire in the thorax area. Tie in two biots, just behind the bead, crossed, concave side up and pointing out over the bead. Tie in a cdc feather hackle-wise just behind the bead as well. Move your thread to the rear of the thorax area and tie in some tinsel then 3 strands of peacock. Twist the peacock and thread then wrap forward. Tie in. Pull the tinsel over the peaccock and tie in as well. Twist the thread and cdc and make one to two wraps. Push both biots back over the thorax area and tie them down. Form a neat band of read just behind the bead and finish.
Presentation Tips: Most commonly fished dead drifted under a buoyant indicator or using czech nymph techniques. Try as a point fly in a two fly rig.

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