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Puff Adder Popper

tied by Jackpott
Fly Type: Deer Hair,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: Frogs,
Material List:
Owner Worm hook

Danvilles Black Flat Waxed Thread

Olive, Black, brown and Yellow Deerhair

0.60 Lead wire

Black and Olive Marabou

Red Krystal Flash

UV Camo Streamer brush (collar/tail)

Yellow Microcellullar foam

Black and Green permanent markers

Tying Instructions: .
Presentation Tips: This fly is aptly named the "Puff Adder Popper" as its natural colour combinations are remniscent of the popular snake in Southern Africa, the Puff Adder. No this pattern does not intend to replicate the snake at all, but its natural colour combinations are suggestive of many different natural food forms and the colour combinations i believe act more as a trigger for fish than anything else. It is exceptionally bouyant and the use of the micoceullar foam face makes the fly pop or gurgle very loudly when stripped with sudden jerks on the waters surface. This fly was originally tied to "splatt" on the waters surface when cast on the drop for sharptooth catfish that were feeding in the evening under submerged trees where nesting birds were pooping and dropping food forms in the water on a game farm. The shape, size and weight of the fly is condusive to a loud audiple plop/splatt on the surface and chugging noise when stripped which catfish can hone in on with their whiskers when hunting for prey.

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