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Splatt Pop

tied by Jackpott
Fly Type: Deer Hair,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Owner Stinger Hook
Red Danvilles 6/0 flat waxed tying thread
Pearl Chartruese Krystal Flash
0.60 lead wire
Yellow and Chartruese marabou
Black permanent marker
Yellow, chartruese, black and red deerhair
Real Fishy Eyes
Hydrostop permanent floatant
Tying Instructions: Be careful when applying hydrostop as it gets absorbed into marabou tail!
Presentation Tips: This is another pattern i tied to replicate the "splatt" on the water of a crankbait that local sharptooth catfish found so irressistable. if you look at the pattern, it has a concave underbody and as such, also compliments of the lead wire around the base of the hook shank, sits like a boat in the water. It has a tremendous gurgling and diving motion in the water with a loud audible "pop" and bubble stream when stripped which is also due to epoxying the face of the pattern to give it rigidity. The colour combination is very eye catching and easy to locate, essential when fishing for the "pig-eyed" catfish. Obviously this pattern would have fantastic application for bass and a myriad of other predatory species both inland and offshore.

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