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On the bottom diver

tied by Jackpott
Fly Type: Deer Hair,
Recommended Region: Other,
Material List:
Gamakatsu size 1 stinger hook
Black 6/0 flat waxed thread
80lb Fluorocarbon mono
Black Rabbit Strip
Black Krystal Flash
Black and Orange Deerhair
Real Fishy Eyes
Black and Burnt orange UV Streamer Brush

Tying Instructions: .
Presentation Tips: This pattern has its deerhair tied a lot more sparsely, and less tighter than the other deerhair flies i have uploaded. This is because this pattern should be fished on, or close to the bottom with a full sinking or sink tip line. Use a shortish leader and place one or two small split shots in front of the fly (about 20cm) to help get it down, and allow it to sink. This fly will float just above the bottom, and as such avoid snagging especially with the weedguard, and when stripped will dive toward the bottom and float back to the surface slowly during the pause much like a crank bait. Have caught some BEHEMOTH trout using this pattern in bigger waters.

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