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Steve's Secret Undulator

tied by navigator36
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Central Canada,
Material List:
Brown marabou
Size 10-8 streamer or long shank nymph hook
Burnt orange uni-yarn
Black or brown 3/0 thread
Thin copper wire ribbing(optional)
Tying Instructions: Turn your vise head sideways and clamp the hook
eye in the vise.
You tie this one backwards. I'll explain why later.
Tie in a section of brown marabou pointing past the eye.
Tie on some burnt orange uni yarn and wrap to the hook bend. ( Not stiff dubbing as the marabou can catch on it which ruins the action of the fly)
Tie on a second section of marabou at the hook bend again pointing backwards to the eye.
Tie off the head at the bend of the hook and cement.
Your done.
Presentation Tips: This is one of my secret flies I thought of sharing with you.
Though maybe someone else has done it somewhere
for all I know.
Tied properly, it has more action in the water than any other marabou fly I've seen.
When it is pulled forwards, the marabou bends and faces back, pulsing in the water and wiggling as it goes.
When you pause the fly for a split second, the marabou bends back towards the eye and again wiggles like dozens of small legs.
It has worked well for me on lake rainbows in all seasons. Mostly in late spring and fall.
It can be tied in any color you like.

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