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Bubby's Pa-Ta-Sa Getta

tied by kirkdiet
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: Dragonflies,
Material List:
HOOK: Mustad 3390, size #10, kink shank hook
HEAD: 6.4mm cork whistle ball flattened on bottom and painted with acrylic paint with clear coat of 30 minute epoxy.
TAIL: Tuft of rabbit fur. Silicon Micro Mini Legs from Cascade Crest Tools. These round silicon legs are somehow stronger than the common square silicon legs.
SKIRT: DDH dubbing or rabbit fur loop dubbed around shank with Silicon Micro Mini Legs for legs.
MISC.: Elmerís wood filler to fill pits in cork. Thick formula CA glue to glue cork ball to hook.

Tying Instructions: Prepare cork ball head by sanding a flat spot on the bottom. Cut a slit with a razor saw or blade in the flat side of the cork perpendicular to the flat plane. Run a piece of sand paper in the slot a few times to remove loose pieces of cork to ensure good glue hold.
Glue hook in to slot with CA or epoxy. The head should be set no further on the hook than necessary to hide/bury the hook. If you stick the hook to far in, you may impede the hook gape.
After dry, fill voids in cork head including the hook slot with the wood filler. Sand smooth once dry.
If planning on painting bright colors, first paint one or two coats of white paint or sealer first. Then paint body your favorite flavor.
Coat painted head with your favorite clear top coat, mine is 30 minute cure epoxy.
After 24 hrs. you can tie in your tailing materials. I used rabbit hair in the picture but also use rayon floss, congo hair, etc. But I always put the Silicon Micron Mini Legs from Cascade Crest Tools.
For the skirt (space between the tail and head) I used a dubbing loop filled with Stu Thompsonís DDH dubbing. A dry fly or similar saddle hackle works well also or just plain chenille or estaz. The legs are tied in and the skirt material wrapped in back of, through the middle of and in front of the legs.

Presentation Tips: Short twitches to jiggling to longer strips usually seperated by pauses.

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