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Jerome's Sac-a-Dawg

tied by kirkdiet
Fly Type: Inverted Hook,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Southeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
HOOK: Orvis 1524 Traditional Nymph, size #10, or equivalent to a 2x-Long, 1x-Strong, down eye hook
HEAD: Your choice of size and color thread.
EYES: Weighted barbell eyes or beadchain
TAIL: Silicon Micro Mini Legs from Cascade Crest Tools. These round silicon legs are somehow stronger than the common square silicon legs.
BODY: 2mm Crystal Antron Chenille, your favorite flavor.
WING: Calf tail, your favorite flavor.
MISC.: Channel lead from Cascade Crest (Optional if additional weight is desired).

Tying Instructions: TYING INSTRUCTIONS:
Tie in beadchain/barbell eyes on top of hook shank using your favorite method preferably including CA glue. Be sure to tie them a few hook eye lengths back from the hook eye to allow room to tie in calf tail wing.
If additional weight is desired, place a piece of channel lead on top the hook shank just behind the eyes and crimp it with a needle nose pliers or foreceps followed by a few wraps of thread to hold in place while you apply a drop of CA glue. Finish wrapping over lead and take thread back to hook bend and back up to back of the lead.
Select six strands of leg material three times the hook shank length. Fold over the thread and tie in bringing your thread to the rear and the top of the hook bend. You now have a 12 strand tail, snip to desired length approximately length of hook shank.
Tie in your chenille, which I prefer over Cactus Chenille and Estaz for its ability to get fishier as it absorbs the fish slime from the fish eat it. Wrap forward and tie off either at the eyes for a solid color or at mid shank if you prefer a dual colored one, at which point you would tie in your second color and bring forward and terminate at the rear of the eyes.
Turn fly over hook point up and tie in a small clump of calf tail approx one and a half times the hook length.

Presentation Tips: Strip in fished like a streamer or under a strike indicator like a suspended jig.

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