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Orange Caped Witch

tied by Soft-hackle
Fly Type: Wet,
Material List:
Hook: Grip 14703 # 12 (also Daiichi 1150)

Thread: Orange 8/0 Uni-thread

Hackle: Brown speckled hen

Thorax: Orange Silk Buttonhole twist, twisted and wrapped (No tying thread beneath)

Rib: The same piece of Buttonhole twist as the body

Thorax: Red and Yellow cottontail rabbit tail, guard hair left in, dubbed long and cross-wise of the yellow 8/0 Uni-thread, done Leisenring fashion, As the thorax is wrapped, the fur is wet slightly and stroked back with each turn.

Tying Instructions: Cast on thread-Prepare hackle by removing unwanted fibers, then tir to hook shank pointing out over the eye. Wrap thread down in touching turns only to where thorax will begin, tying on the button hole twist. Leave thread, wrap the twisted silk down the shank in touching turns, then rib it back over the body. Tie off and trim. Make dubbing brush, tie to fly and wrap, wetting the fibers and stroking back with each turn. Tie off and trim. Wrap hackle, two turns, tie off and trim. While sweeping the hackle back with your thumb and forefinger of your non tying hand, slightly overwrap the hackle. Whip finish.

Presentation Tips: Leisenring lift, other soft-hackle presentations.

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