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P. californica Stonefly Nymph

tied by paul whillock
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Recommended Region: Other,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Abdomen, Thorax, Wingbuds, Pronotum and Head Capsule: Natural Tan Raffene. Tails and Antennae: clear mono. Legs: Japanese Nymph Legs. Gills: Grey Poly Yarn. Eyes: Melted Mono coated in Grey then white then Black Varnish. Jaws: Porcupine Guard Hairs and Japanese Nymph Legs. Tarsal Claws: Uni 8/0. Leg Hair: stripped Ostrich Herl. Tying Thread: Yellow UTC 70.
Tying Instructions: The underbody is created from suede Chenille which is tied along the shaft of the hook. I slowly build up the basic shape using small strips of chenille, I burn the ends of the chenille to help create a gradual and natural body taper. I will bind the body with UTC 70 tying thread and coat with 3 coats of varnish. Now I tie strips of Raffene around the abdomen to create the individual segments. Each of the legs are 3 Japanese nymph legs but for dsmaller Nympjhs I use a single Japanese Leg. I bind the shafts with 2mm strips of Raffene in order to slowly build up definition and a natural looking shape. The Leg hair is Ostrich Herl tie ont othe back of each leg section, i use a 17/0 tying thread for this and use a mximum of three wraps to complete this part of the operation. it is almost like tying off straight away!
Finally the colour is added using waterproof pens.

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