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Lothar Original

tied by
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: General Europe,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Lothar original
Hook: Gamakatsu F-314 or other stinger hook, size 1-8
Tail/wing: Rabbit zonker strip
Body: Brown/gray Squirrel dubbing
Ribbing: Wire, gold
Hackle: Swedish capercailzie
Head: Brown/gray Squirrel dubbing
Tying Instructions: Tie in the ribbing. Dub the body 2/3 of the hook shank. Tie in the rabbit strip. Secure the strip to the body with the ribbing. Tie in the capercailzie
hackle where the strip was tied in. Wrap one or two turns. Secure. Clip of excess material. Dub the thread and form the head. It's easier if you strt from the hook eye and wrap backwards. Let the dubbed thread make the hackle fibers point back/down. Wind the empty thread over the head and make a neat head and whip finish.
Presentation Tips: I first tied this pattern for my first trip to Kola peninsula. The success was immediate. Since then me and my friends have caught trout, char and grayling on the Lothar in many waters, from russian Kola and norwegian Finnmarksvidda in the north to Patagonia in the south.
The name referes to the latin name for eelpout, Lota Lota, which it's mean to immitate.

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