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tied by john wolfe
Fly Type: General Freshwater,
Imitation: Crayfish,
Material List:
Claws-2 Straight eye hooks, brown deer hair,flex a ment, wire cutters, and brown thread.
Hook- 4xl
Eyes-Large Mono
Mouth pieces -Turkey
Antenna- Round rubber
Underbody LEAD FREE wire lashed to side of hook
Legs - Rubber your choice
Body- Brite Blend Brown Dubbing
Shell- Turkey wing feather that has greenish tint to it. Coated in flexament. Brown thread.
Tying Instructions: Making the claws is easier than it looks. choose a cheap straight eye hook. Bend it down a 1/4" from eye. put it in your vise. wrap thread up from eye just past the bend we made in the hook then back to the eye. Tie a stacked clump of brown deer hair by the tips so that the butts of the hair are in front of the eye(start your wraps right behind the eye)Now fold the deer hair back At the bend we put in the hook make some wraps to make the first claw segement tie off then wrap the next segement, tie off. Pull the hair back and cut the hook at he base of hair you created( watch your eyes). Saturate the hair with Flexament, get the hair fibers to lay straight and together. Let dry and repeat. We use the eye of the hook to tie it to the hook. When dry cut v notch to look like open claws.

Tie in eyes on the bottom of the shank below the point
Next mouth pieces, antenna Lash LF wire to sides of hook( zap a gap helps)
Tie on Claws, legs 6, Dub body
Tie on shell (see shell prep above)behind legs, use your thread to make segements(ribbing) down the tail.
Coat body and claws with more flexament.
Presentation Tips: This is my adapatation of Brain Hanchin's version of Whitlocks wiggle claw. I wanted some thing more darker and I love useing Turkey feathers with the iradesent green tinge as the shell.

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