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Fire Tiger Popper

tied by iaflyfisher
Fly Type: Poppers/Sliders,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Imitation: Frogs,
Material List:
Body: Wapsi hard saltwater popper w #2 hook
Paint: Copic air brush system with markers: Black (100); Green (G19); Orange (YR09); Yellow (Y08), Red (R46).
Thread: Orange UTC 140
Legs: Medium round rubber legs, orange and yellow
Tail: Orange, green and yellow orange grizzly hackle feathers with a few strands of orange and silver Flashabou or flash
Hackle: yellow or orange rooster hackle
Top Coat: Minwax polycrylic waterbased protectice finish.
Tying Instructions: Lay down a thread base on the hook to help hold body.
Glue the foam body to the hook with Zap-a-Gap CA glue. Fill the hook slot up with epoxy or ClearCure Goo to make it smooth.
Next paint the body. Start by painting the entire body with yellow. Next paint the bottom with orange and finally paint the top with green. Use the fine point on the Black marker to add stripes on the side. Add a gill plate witht the red marker. Paint the face of the popper red.
Coat the body with the waterbased finish. Do not use anything with a solvent in it as that will smear the paint job!
For the tail make two sets of three feathers with the natural curve opposing each other. Tie one group of feathers to each side of the hook. Add a few strands of flash or Flashabou.
Tie the hackle feather in at the tail tie point and wind forward to behind the body. Whip finish and apply some head cement to finish it off.
Heat a needle and make a hole though the popper. Push a doubled piece of monofilament line through the hole. Put two rubber legs in the loop and pull through the body. Trim to length.
Presentation Tips: Cast into an area and do a strip retrieve to make the popper 'pop'.

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Fire Tiger Popper

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