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Movin & Groovin Bucktail

tied by djmyers
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass, Pike,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Material List:
bead chain died red
Ostrich Herl tied in on the chain
Grizzly schlappen
Red Krystal Flash
White buck tail
Gold Krystal Flash
white rabbit strip
red grizzly schlappen

Tying Instructions: 1. dye silver bead chain red with Creative Color System
2. Tie in ostrich herl onto bead chain at three locations leaving a gap between each group to allow bead chain to swing free
3. tie bead chain to back of hook
4. tie in grizzly schlappen
5. tie in red Krystal Flash
6. Tie in buck tail on top and bottom of hook to fill hook shank.
7. Tie in gold Krystal Flash the length of fly on the top of the hook
8. tie in rabbit strip, palmer forward one or two wraps.
9. tie in red grizzly schlappen and palmer in front of rabbit.
Presentation Tips: different stripping speeds to find how they want it.

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