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Notorious Nymph

tied by Steven Berry
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Recommended Region: Central US,
Material List:
Hook: Size 10 2x long nymp hook
Thread: 6/0 black Uni-thread
Tail: Black marabou
Body: Black chenille
UnderBody: Lead wire
Legs: 3 sections of white square rubber leg material tied across the shank
Antennae: 2 sections of white square rubber leg material

Tying Instructions: 1.Tie in the tail.
2.Strip some of the fuzz off the chenille and tie it in by the bare thread.
3.Wrap the underbody.
4.Tie the legs in at 3 points evenly spaced along the body.
5. Tie in the antennae.
6.Wrap the body, tie it down, and trim the excess chenille.
7.Whip-finish, add head cement and fish(I'm not going to give you instructions on how to do that)

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