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The Floating Hare's Ear Nymph

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Material List:
Hook: dry 12-20 (this one is a 12 2x dry )
Thread: Brown 6/0 danes waxed
Tail: Elk body hair
Underbody: elk hair
Over body: SDNS Light Nymph Fur dubbing, colour to match naturals
Wing Pad: dark goose or duck quill
Thorax : SDNS Dark Nymph Fur dubbing then abdomen dubbing,loosely applied and teased
Tying Instructions: 1-start tying thread one eye space behind eye and stop at bend.
2- Tie layered elk hairs (about 8-10) with hair tips extending back one gap length from bend.
3-Spiral wrap thread over elk hair up shaft to about 2 eye spaces behind eye. leave butt ends pointing over eye.
4-Bring the thread forward toward the bend in one open spiral wrap under the hook to hang down one hook gap behind the eye. This will form the thorax area.
5-Fold the elk hair to the rear, tie down with two turns of thread, make another open spiral wrap of thread forward under the thorax and let the thread hang down down at the front of the thorax.
6-fold hair forward and tie down with 2 turns of the thread. Bring thread back to the rear of thorax in another open spiral.
7-fold hair back and tie down at rear of thorax and continue to spiral wrap hair back to bend.
8- carefully lift hair butts and trim.
9-Tie in ribbing if you want. Tie in and wrap tightly the fine lighter dubbing for the abdomen. wrap it to the beginning of the thorax. ( this is where I put 3 threads wraps back over abdomen and retrace thread back to the begining of thorax.)
10-Tie in quill segment at rear of thorax and dub the thorax with the darker and looser dubbing. Fold quill over dubbed thorax and tie down. Clip segment and form head. Whip finish and apply head cement to the thread only.
Presentation Tips: Cast and drift like a dry fly. It will be difficult to see the floating nymph.

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