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Fur Nymph

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: Stone Flies,
Material List:
Hook - #2 Lure 2X
Thread - 6/0 W Brown
Biot - brown goose
#34 brass wire
Hide strip
SDNS Nickel Tan Mix
Dark brown Nymph Fur
Head cement
SH Arcrylic Gel
Tying Instructions: 1 - Wrap thread down to bend in hook.
2 - Tie in biot over bend extending about the width of hook gap, pointing biot out in a vee shape.
3 - Tidy up and tie in brass wire, approx. 5" length and tie in hide strip with hair pointing towards the hook bend.
4 - Tidy up as winding thread up to 2/3 of the shank.
5 - Put head cement over thread up to 2/3 mark.
6 - Do one wrap of hide and tightly wrap brass wire over the bare end of hide. Repeat wrap tightly and securely up to the 2/3 mark. Take your time.
7 - Use the wire to tie down hide and wrap a few times after positioning the hide in the next step.
8 - Take the hide and twist to reverse the position on top of hook so that the bare side of hide is showing up if laid over top of shank toward the eye. Tie down with wire.
9 - Tie down with thread. trim off wire and tidy up.
10 - Tie in thorax with SDNS Nickel tan. put a dab of cement on top and place dark brown nymph fur on top.
11 - Pull the hide strip over dubbing and tie behind the eye leaving enough room for the head.
12 - Trim off the hide strip. tidy up with thread and form head.
13 - put a dab of cement on head.
14 - while head is drying take a brown permanent marker and color strips on top of abdomen.
15 - Pick out and trim dubbing on thorax.
16 - Put thin layer of acrylic gel on back of abdomen and thorax. repeat a few more layers.

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