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Shrimp it

tied by horseshoe
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
#14 bronze scud hook
#34 brass wire
24 guage galvanized steel
8/0 W white thread
SDNS Shrimp it Hues Dubbing
SDNS White Web Dubbing
SH Acrylic Gel
Head Cement
Tying Instructions: 1 - Wrap thread from eye to the bend in the hook.
2 - Wrap the galvanized wire around the shank to form the body and add extra weight.
3 - Cover the wire with thread and return to the hook bend.
4 - Put a coating of cement or acrylic gel over the threaded wire.
5 - While waiting for the cement to dry, tie in the brass wire on bend.
6 - twist dub the Shrimp-it dubbing on the thread and wrap the body with it.
7 - Tie down dubbing before the eye. Leave enough room for making the head.
8 - Take White web Dubbing and flatten out a thin sheet-like piece. Put cement carefully and sparingly on the back of the body. Just enough to be glue for the white web dub but not enough to bleed too much in the body.
9 - Place white dubbing carefully draped over body.
10 - Wind wire up body about 3 wraps to segment the body. Keep web hanging down the body and wrap the brass wire a few times before the eye to help form head. Cut off wire.
11 - Wrap the thread to form head and whip finish.
12- Put a tiny drop of cement on the head. Be sure to pull white web up off the eye and head so as not to get glued in.
13 - Pinch the white web between fingers as pulling down to shorten the fiber to the correct length. It helps to naturally end the fiber so as not to have the unnatural cut end look.
14 - After you have finished shaping Put a thin layer of acrylic gel on the back of the shrimp.
15 - Wait for it to dry a bit and continue to apply layer until desired affect. Be careful not to have the gel bleed down.

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