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tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Imitation: Caddis Flies,
Material List:

Hook: #12 2x dry
Thread: uni 6/0 W Brown
Body: Hide strips
: Medium SDNS nymph fur
: Brown Goose Biots(flat end trimmed and cut straight across and put layer of cement over biots))
Wings: Brown goose biots(put a layer of cement over biot to strengthen)
Thorax: Light SDNS nymph fur
Head cement
Tying Instructions: Set hook in vise
1- wrap thread down the hook shank to just above the barb and before the bend.
2- Tie on hide strip so the hair points back toward the bend.
3- place cement on the shank, to help hold the hide in position and strengthen fly Apply more if it dries before you finish wrapping body.
4- Make one wrap of hide and weight down with hackle pliers.
5- Immediately secure wrap with 1-2 turns of thread. Pull on hide before tying to insure tight fit around hook.
6- Dub(med) thread and wrap 1-2 times depending on amount of dubbing on thread.
7- Put small dot of cement on front edge of dubbing (closest to eye).
8- Place cut biot over dubbing(cement side up)and hold in position while tying down. Refer to picture for clearer example.
9- Repeat Instr. No.8 until 2 eye spaces before eye. Depending on width of hide strips, do 3-4 wraps.
10- Tie in a biot with point facing the bend and cement side down.
11- Dub and wrap thread a few times to form thorax.
12- Bring biot forward and tie down. Cement side should be facing up now. Snip off remaining biot and form head.
13- Whip finish. Put dab of cement on head.
There you go. Feel good, you deserve it.
Presentation Tips: This is a wet diver caddis, not a dry floater.
Add weight to line if used in fast water.

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