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Emerger SDNS

tied by horseshoe
Fly Type: Wet,
Target Species: Trout,
Recommended Region: Eastern Canada,
Material List:
#12 Nickel Buzzer hook
6/0 W Black uni thread
#34 brass wire
SDNS Web Dubbing
SDNS Steelwool dubbing
Foam wings
acrylic gel
head cement
Tying Instructions: 1 - Wrap the thread down past the bend in the hook.
2 - Tie in the brass wire, leave it hanging out of way for later.
3 - Put a thin layer of cement over the thread wrap on the hook shank.
4 - Dub the SDNS web on thread and wrap up hook shank 2/3 of the way, tie down with a few turns of thread and snip off the extra.
5 - Wrap the wire up the shank over the web dub and tie it down. Snip off any extra.
6- Position and tie on wings pointing down and towards the rear of the hook. Tidy up with thread.
7 - Put a dab of cement on the thorax over the thread.
8 - Dub SDNS steelwool and wrap firmly to create thorax.
9 - Form head with thread and whip finish.
10 - Apply a dab of cement on the head.
11 - Pick out and pull down dub in the thorax to give the appearance of legs.
12 - Put a good coat of acrylic gel on back of abdomen.
13 - Put a few dots on the legs to give the appearance of leg joints.
14 - carefully apply a layer of acrylic gel on the outside of the wings.

Then sit back and admire your creation.
Presentation Tips: Cast out and allow to sink and slowly raise in small spurts.

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