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Cypert Minnow

tied by jhammer
Fly Type: Streamers,
Target Species: Panfish,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: General Baitfish,
Material List:
Size 6-10 2X to 3X long streamer/nymph hook. Any brand will do.

Small silver bead chain eyes

White or light gray chenille

White or lt. gray thread. (6/0 Uni-Thread or similar)

Holographic silver mylar tubing

Zap-a-Gap or similar bonding agent (Optional)

Tying Instructions: 1. Insert your hook in the vise and lay down a solid thread base.
2. Tie in the bead chain eyes clouser-style. (Zap-a-Gap optional)
3. Tie in the chenille at the bend of the hook and cut off the excess chenille.
4. Wrap the chenille towards the eye of the hook. Once you get to the eyes, take one wrap diagonally over one side of the eyes, then over the over side, covering the thread on the eye. Wrap the chenille back to the bend of the hook.
5. At the bend of the hook, take the chenille back up towards the eye of the hook but stop BEHIND the eyes and wrap it one last time towards the bend of the hook.
6. Tie off the chenille and trim off the excess.
7. Take about a 3-5 inch piece of the mylar tubing and remove the core. (Length depends on hook size.)
8. Bend the tubing into a "V" shape and work the middle of the section over the hook eye.
9. While making sure the top and bottom stay somewhat even, pull back on the tubing and tie off.
10. You will want to leave about one hook length of tubing behind the hook.
11. Whip finish and tease out the tubing to create a tail.

Remember, almost all of your tying is at the back of the fly near the bend of the hook. Your whip finish is at the back of the fly as well, so be careful whip finishing around a hook point!
Presentation Tips: This fly works wonders for fish that eat small minnows. I've taken everything from bass to catfish on these. They work like a charm on waters that have small shiners and shad. Crappie and white bass are especially drawn to this fly. Just use a standard twitch-twitch-pause retrieve and you'll get fish!

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