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Craft Fur Shrimp Variant

tied by Chefben4
Fly Type: General Saltwater,
Imitation: Shrimp/Prawns,
Material List:
Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Hook Size 4
Tan Craft Fur
Black Saddle Hackle
UV Polar Chenille
Black Dazl Eyes
UMC 210 Thread Tan
Tying Instructions: 1. Start thread on hook shank half way between eye and bend. Work thread to bend of hook and make slight bumbp.

2. Cut off 1/4" portion of tan craft fur. Remove underfur. Attach craft fur to hook (on bump) just in front of the bend. Work some thread wraps around craft fur in a post manner to held hold it up.

3. Lift up tail portion and drop some 5min epoxy on hook. This well help keep "tail" in upwards postion.

4. Select 2 black saddle hackles. I dont remove much of the webby material it aids to the movement of this fly. Attach to hook infront of craft fur. Move thread forward.

5. Palmer forward 4 turns or so and tie off.

6. Tie in 2"-3" piece of UV Polar Chenille. Move thread forward to eye of hook.

7. Tie on dazl eyes or whatever you like. Epoxy eyes to help secure them.

8. Palmer UV polar chenille forward, brushing back fibers after each turn.

9. Tie of uv chenille at eyes, whip finish.

10. Optional. Tie in weed guard

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