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Adult Squid

tied by NYflyguy05
Fly Type: Attractor Pattern,
Target Species: Striped Bass,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Squid,
Material List:
4/0 or larger saltwater hook with normal shank - black sharpie marker - white piping yarn - white estaz - large 3d eyes - white saddle hackle - medium mono thread - plastic glove - epoxy
Tying Instructions: Cover hook shank with thread - grab 6 saddle hackles or more and pull out or cut off all the under fur (you can leave this is you would like), trim to the size you want then bunch them together and lay them on the shank and tie in at the bend of the hook, this will give a nice short and long saddle hackle appearence. Tie in some flash of your choice. Cover hook shank with white piping yarn or similiar, then cover the yarn with white or pearl estaz tapering towards the hook eye, tie this off and add the eyes where you would like them - take a plastic glove and cut off the finger and trim to the size you would like to insert over the hook eyes to use on top of the squids head for flaps, also gives the squid a nice transparent look with the estaz, tie off at hook eye - take black sharpie and add markings throughout body and saddles - 5 min epoxy thread wraps and eyes
Presentation Tips: Strip Strip...pause

Strip Strip....pause

Strip Strip Strip...pause

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