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qgolden - Maribou leach

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Burks V worm

tied by J Desjardins
Fly Type: Miscellaneous,
Target Species: Freshwater Bass, Pike,
Recommended Region: Northeast US,
Imitation: Worms,
Material List:
This is my variation of burks V worm. The recipe isn't long but some of the required tools aren't normally used for fly tying.

Hook: for this one I used a TMC 800 size ?
Thread: 3/0, color to suit
weight: optional, I've also tied these with bead heads and/or lead wire wrapped on the hook shank
weedguard: loop of 20# maxima
tail & body: made up of yarn or chenille, tipped with chartruese maribou.
Tools required: a drill and a cup hook

Different materials can make some very striking color combinations.
Tying Instructions: 1. The tail and body is made first.
Cut a 20-24" piece of yarn or chenille. Put the cup hook into your drill and tie the yarn onto it. Tie the other end to the upright on your vise.
2. Pull the yarn taut and then turn on the drill to twist the bundle. With my cordless drill, I count to thirty, (approximately 100 turns)
and then shut off the drill keeping tension on the bundle.
3. Place a finger on the middle of the yarn and bring the drill next to the vise upright. Pull your finger out of the yarn and let it twist into a tangled mess.
4. Hold the bundle next to the vise and stroke out the tangles, cut the bundle off of the vise and the cup hook. Tie an overhand knot in the end that you just cut off. The twisted bundle will stay twisted, indefinitely after the knot is tied.

Though they sound complicated the previous steps only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

5. Using a needle for support tie a tuft of maribou onto the end of the twisted bundle and set it aside. To me this is the hardest step.
6. Put the hook into the vise and lay down a base of thread.
7. Tie in the weed guard at the bend of the hook.
8. Tie in the bundle with 3-5" hanging off the rear of the hook. Wrap the bundle forward to form the body.
9. Bend over the weed guard, bind it down and whip finish the head.

Presentation Tips: Fish it like a rubber worm.

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